Become a Homeowner Today! 4 Ways to Buy a Home of Your Own With Less Than a 20% Down Payment

This free report will prove that the biggest obstacle to buying a home of your own, a widely perpetuated belief that a 20% down payment is required, is simply not true.

How Deferring Taxes Using a 401(k) Could Devastate Your Retirement (And What You Can Do About It)

This free report will help you understand how and when to use a 401(k) so you can protect your lifestyle in retirement from the uncertainty of future tax rates.

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Much of our business comes from happy customers who refer us.
Shawn is the best lender at explaining options in understandable terms.
- H LeGarde Darter

Improving Financial Health

Have you ever wondered if success with your finances is just a lottery ticket? One person gets a ticket and no matter what he does he is successful and another person gets a ticket and no matter what he does he’s doomed to failure?

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that 70% of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck, regardless of income.

USA Today recently reported that 76% of Americans have less than 6 months’ living expenses in emergency reserves and 24% of Americans have NO emergency reserves at all.

Financially, we spend most of our time making money, but little to no time learning how to master the use of it. We help our clients reduce their stress around money by showing them how to keep more of what they earn, thus increasing their monthly cash flow. We do this by identifying areas where they may be transferring their money to others unknowingly and unnecessarily, and developing a strategy that reduces or eliminates those transfers. Some wealth transfers are avoidable and others can only be minimized.

We find that people tend to lose money in the following areas:

  1. How they choose to structure and pay for their mortgage
  2. How they choose to pay their taxes
  3. How they choose to save for retirement
  4. How they choose to save for college
  5. How they choose to utilize consumer credit and pay for big ticket purchases

Plugging Holes

There are two ways to fill up a bucket that has holes in it. The first is to plug the holes and the bucket will fill up, even if the flow is a trickle. The second is to pour more in. Which one of those two financial strategies do you feel the financial institutions have had you employing in your current financial position?

We believe that we can have a bigger impact on your financial future by helping you avoid the losses rather than helping you pick the apparent winning investments. It makes little sense to have a million dollars only to discover you lost a million along the way.

Strategy Makes The Difference

We offer the same products as other firms. However, financial success is not achieved through a product. Financial success is achieved through the implementation of, and adherence to, a comprehensive financial strategy. The financial products that captivate our attention are usually the products that promise to pay the highest rates of return. However, the products that offer safety, liquidity, preferential tax treatment, leverage, and collateral opportunities may be far more valuable.

Click here to see what our clients say makes us different.

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How Closing Credit Accounts Can Undermine Credit Scores

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Are You Affected by Mello-Roos Taxes?

Odds are if you don’t pay them you don’t know what they are and if you do pay them you don’t know why. Mello-Roos is a “Special Tax” paid by homeowners who purchase a home in a “Community Facilities District” and is paid in addition to the County property taxes. When Proposition 13 passed inRead More >