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How to Keep More of What You Earn

The greatest impact you can have on your monthly cash flow is to identify any unintended wealth transfers and take steps to minimize or eliminate them. And therein lies the problem. Most people are making unintended wealth transfers unknowingly and unnecessarily. We find that people tend to lose money in the Read More >

What is an “Unintended” Wealth Transfer?

An unintended wealth transfer happens when you spend more money than you would have spent if you had known there was a less expensive alternative. Unintended wealth transfer is synonymous with wasted money. If you spend a dollar that you did not have to spend, you not only lose that dollar, but what that dollar could Read More >

Financial Health Series: Episode 1 – The 5 Ways People Lose Money (Mortgages) I was recently interviewed by Gary Collins, creator of the Primal Power Method, for a video blog series he is doing on financial health. Gary created the Primal Power Method to help people make educated decisions concerning their health. The Primal Power Method focuses on nutrition and Read More >

What Impact Can Wealth Transfers Have on Your Finances?

In order to understand the impact wealth transfers can have on your current and future financial profile it is necessary to consider your lifetime wealth potential. Your lifetime wealth potential is the total of all the money you will ever earn, plus the interest that money will earn over your lifetime. Let me Read More >

What is a Wealth Transfer?

In a nutshell, a wealth transfer is any event where you give your money to somebody else, regardless of the reason. Every time you spend money, whether it’s on a mortgage payment, car payment, utility bill, groceries, cell phone, gas, a movie at Redbox, etc… you are transferring your wealth to others. Many of these Read More >