Warning: Is How You Pay For Your Major Capital Purchases Costing You Tens of Thousands of Dollars?

There may be many reasons you choose not to borrow money, but there are only two reasons to borrow: 1) You need to, or 2) You choose to. Those who borrow because they need to, do so because they do not have the ability to pay cash. They simply have not accumulated enough capital. Those who borrow because they choose to, do so because it is more financially beneficial for them to use other people’s money than it is to use their own.

The cost of a major capital purchase, such as a house, a car, a furniture set, etc… is the same regardless of how you choose to pay for it. This FREE report will explain how everything you buy is 100% financed, how you may be costing yourself a fortune, and how you can bring that fortune back under your use and control.

Download this FREE 18-page report entitled “Is Paying Cash Detrimental to Your Financial Health?” and discover:

  • The true cost or your major capital purchases
  • The blessing of simple interest and power of compound interest
  • The critical role inflation plays in financing
  • The destructive power of interrupting compounding
  • How to utilize a bank’s methodology to supercharge your wealth-building efforts

If paying cash turned out not to be the most efficient purchasing strategy, when would you want to know?

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Is Paying Cash Detrimental to Your Financial Health?