Over the years we have helped hundreds of people secure a mortgage and refinance their homes and investment properties.  Many of them have returned for answers to other financial questions such as ‘how do I protect my income if I am injured?” or ‘how do I help my children with their college expenses?’

We pride ourselves on going the extra mile, answering all of your questions and finding the best option for you, not just selling you the hot product of the day.

Our clients know they are valued and appreciated.  Everything we do is in their best interest which is why they continually return for their ongoing financial needs as well as referring their family, friends and work associates.

As your personal guide, we work closely with you to implement strategies that will make a difference in your financial life.

A Look at the Process
Below are some of the areas that we discuss in order to map out your personal financial strategy.  Click on each area to learn more.

Creating a blueprint for financial success and helping to make that blueprint a reality[L1] .

Exploring the opportunity to build wealth through cash flow and liability management (i.e. keeping more of the money you already make).

Learning to manage your liabilities (debt) is critical to building your wealth.

How your approach to borrowing affects your ability to build wealth.

Why financing your house should always be based on what is appropriate for your specific circumstances.

Integrating your mortgage with your short and long-term investments and savings goals.

We guide you through a process that helps you understand how your approach to financial decisions impacts your ability to build wealth.