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Learning golfSwing Coaches

Let’s say we’re going to send you to The Masters, golf’s most prestigious event. We have two things we can give you, but you can choose only one. You can have the clubs of any golfer who has ever played the game of golf, or you can have their swing, which would you choose? Most people would choose the swing because the swing is far more valuable than the clubs.

We help our clients perfect their swing. We work with our clients to coordinate all aspects of their finances so they are working together and complement one another versus cancelling each other out. For example, utilizing tax advantaged investment products while accelerating the payoff of tax advantaged debt products is like heating your house with the windows open. Yet people do this every day and most have no idea that it is happening.

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

Most people believe that practice makes perfect. But, in reality, practice makes permanent. If a person is doing something incorrectly, whether intentionally or not, and does it over and over (practices), that person can become very good at doing that thing incorrectly.

The truth is that perfect practice makes perfect. The first, and most important, step in any endeavor is to perform the action or task correctly. Once you know how to perform the action or task correctly, whether it is a golf swing or handling your finances (saving for retirement or paying off your mortgage), then you go about practicing that task over and over so you become perfect at it.

There will come a time when we need to go to the proverbial club rack, but we feel it is important to go to the practice tee and work on your swing before we pick a club. To be clear, a great set of custom-fit golf clubs in the hands of someone who knows how to use them will improve that person’s game, but won’t make much of a difference in the game of the average golfer.

There is more value in helping you not move backward that there is in helping you focus solely focus on moving forward. We help our clients maximize their future lifestyle by minimizing the losses in their current lifestyle.

iStock_000009125604LargeYour Personal Guide

If you were lost and you could have a map or a personal guide to help you find your way, which would you choose? As your personal guide, we will work closely together as we implement these strategies into your financial life. Thousands of families have benefitted from hiring us to work with them on their road to financial success and we can help you as well.

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