Our Unique Processes

We have several unique processes that we introduce our clients to that can be very instrumental in improving their overall financial health. Below are summaries of our current unique processes:

Cash Flow Transformer™The PurchaseSmart Advantage™ | The Credit Score Accelerator™

The Cash Flow Transformer™

The CashFlow Transformer is a 7 step process for helping people improve their financial health by identifying areas where they may be unknowingly and unnecessarily transferring money to others, developing a strategy for reducing or eliminating those transfers, multiplying those assets utilizing safe, liquid, and tax efficient vehicles earning respectable rates of return, and protecting those assets from erosion.

The Discovery Dialogue – We engage our current and prospective clients in a strategic conversation to discover key insights into their present mindset and philosophies and establish their vision for the future.

The Fiscal Snapshot – We identify areas of financial vulnerability in our current and prospective client’s current financial profile and offer suggestions for how to close those gaps.

The BorrowSmart Advantage – We analyze our client’s current borrowing to identify unintended wealth transfers and determine the most efficient and effective way to eliminate all preferred and non-preferred debt and reincorporate those currently transferred dollars back into the family budget.

The Efficiency Optimizer – We analyze our client’s current assets and capital position to further identify unintended wealth transfers and introduce strategies to optimize and multiply those assets while balancing our client’s need for safety, liquidity, return, and tax efficiency, to maximize current and future cash flow.

The Reserve Strategy – We establish our client’s current and future capital requirements and introduce our proprietary capital reserve strategy as a means to facilitate meeting those capital needs.

The PrincipalShield Solution – We analyze and establish our client’s protection requirements based on current and future areas of vulnerability and propose methods of proper protection.

The Confidence Extender – With the client’s help, we establish milestones to measure progress toward the client’s vision and gauge the client’s progress in those areas, as well as other areas of importance, at pre-determined intervals.


The PurchaseSmart Advantage™

The PurchaseSmart Advantage is a 6 step process for helping aspiring homeowners understand what they need to know to allow them to make the largest financial decision in their lives because it will affect every other area of their financial lives.

The Discovery Conversation – We engage our prospective clients in a strategic conversation to discover key insights into their present mindset and philosophies regarding home ownership and establish their vision for the future.

The Capacity Clarifier – We interview our prospective clients regarding their financial profile to determine if they can qualify for home financing based on current lending guidelines.

The BorrowSmart Strategy – We introduce our clients to several advanced concepts related to home ownership and discuss loan options available to them to develop a strategy that benefits our client and enhances their financial profile.

The Homebuyers Edge – We provide our clients with confidence by validating and verifying all pertinent financial documentation and issue formal loan approval, which puts our clients in a position of strength when negotiating with any potential home sellers.

The RepaySmart Gameplan – We share more advanced concepts relating to personal finances and homeownership to help our clients develop a strategy for paying off their mortgage and other consumer debt to allow them to accomplish their other goals and objectives.

The AnnualReview Process – We meet with our clients on an annual basis to discuss any changes in their circumstances and review the mortgage structure still suits their stated goals and objectives.


The CreditScore Accelerator™

The CreditScore Accelerator is a 4 step process designed to help our clients improve their credit scores by teaching them everything they need to know about credit and credit scores to give them a clear understanding of how to achieve their highest credit score so they have access to the best financing terms available in any situation.

The ScoreSmart Experience – We provide our clients with a copy of their current credit profile, including their credit score, share the 5 primary criteria that affect a credit score, the weight of each, and share the ways a credit score can impact their financial lives.

The Credit Snapshot – We perform an in depth analysis of our client’s current credit profile to identify any inaccuracies and assess and explain the specific factors that led to their current credit score.

The ScoreSmart Strategy – We provide our clients with a detailed strategy showing the actions they can take to improve their credit score and suggest methods for how to implement those actions.

The CreditShield Solution – We share with our clients a very simple strategy for monitoring their credit, which will enable them to maintain their highest credit score at all times.