Who We Help

Consultation 3Our clients have been referred to us by someone they know and trust and are actively seeking the type of knowledge and advice we provide. They place a high value on their personal finances and operate with a sense of urgency regarding such matters. They realize that they may not know everything about mortgages and personal finances and want to learn what they should know. They are open to new and innovative ideas and strategies. They realize that if they want different results they need to do things differently.

Our clients appreciate and desire personal attention and are looking for solutions tailored to their individual circumstances. They know what they do well and understand the value of working with an expert in areas they are not well-versed. They want to work with a professional who values honesty and integrity, and is worthy of their trust. They confidently refer their family, friends, and work associates to us for our expert advice and counsel.

Do any of the following scenarios describe your situation?

  • You want to buy a house, but you’re not sure where to start and have many unanswered questions
  • You would like to move to a larger or nicer house, but are unsure if you can qualify or afford it
  • You want to save for your retirement, but you’re not sure which methods are best
  • You have one or more 401(k)s from previous employers and want to know what options you have for those accounts
  • You want to save for your kids college education, but you’re not sure which methods are best
  • You have money to invest, but don’t have the stomach for the ups and downs of the stock market and want to know if other options exist
  • You haven’t seen the returns you’d like to see on your investments and want a second opinion on your investment strategy
  • You have a family and would like to protect them from the hardship that would be created by an extended loss of income, or worse, your untimely death
  • You would like to discover ways to improve your monthly cash flow and keep more of the money you already earn
  • You have mortgage and consumer debt and you want to develop a strategy to eliminate that debt in the most financially efficient way possible
  • You are a pre-retiree and you would like to know how to maximize your Social Security benefits
  • You want to know how a reverse mortgage may help you maintain your lifestyle in retirement

If any of these scenarios resemble your situation you’ve come to the right place. We can help.

We feel it is critically important to begin our relationship with the correct expectations to give us the best chance at success working together.