My Story

Shawn PerkinsToday, I am successful financial strategist who has helped thousands of families finance and refinance their homes, as well as gain greater control and understanding of their personal finances. My advice and counsel has literally saved those same families millions of dollars that would have otherwise been paid to banks, mortgage companies, and credit card companies. But I didn’t start out that way.

At 26 years of age I found myself married with a 2-year-old son, $30,000 in credit card debt, working full-time at Price Club (now Costco), and running my own carpet cleaning business. I worked every extra shift and every overtime hour I could in an attempt to make extra money to make ends meet and attempt to pay off my credit card debt.

My Start in Mortgages

My start in the mortgage business began back in 1992 when a close friend suggested that I get my real estate license and get in the mortgage business to make extra money. I didn’t know the first thing about mortgages, but I was willing to learn and highly motivated to succeed. By pure coincidence I experienced success rather quickly as a result of a recent drop in interest rates and the ensuing refinance boom. It wasn’t long before I was completely out of debt and able to purchase my first home.

When the relatively short-lived refinance boom ended I transitioned from helping people refinance their homes to helping people finance the purchase of their homes. This proved much more challenging because I now had to go out and find clients of my own instead of helping the clients that my employer referred to me. Having a wife, a son, a new house, and a new daughter to support, I worked tirelessly to grow my business.

A New Problem for Me

That hard work paid off, but a new problem emerged. I was making good money, but didn’t have any idea what to do with it. I quickly came to the conclusion that making good money didn’t necessarily mean I was qualified to handle my finances in a way that guaranteed financial success. I was unsure of what steps to take and in what order I should take them. I sought professional advice for help with my finances and was very disappointed with the advisors I was referred to that represented themselves professionals. The only conversation any of them was prepared to have was about saving for retirement. They had neither the knowledge nor the desire to discuss any of the other important aspects of a truly successful financial profile.

My transition from mortgage originator to that of a financial strategist was as much in response to my personal need for greater financial understanding as it was to numerous inquiries for financial advice from my satisfied clients. Having reviewed thousands of loan applications, credit reports, and asset statements, and having lived through difficult financial times myself, I was in a unique position to understand the myriad problems the average American homebuyer and homeowner are facing.

I have invested a great deal of money and time on my education in the area of personal finance and earned many mortgage and financial industry licenses and designations. I am truly passionate about helping people develop a greater understanding and achieving success with their own personal finances and it is this passion and unique perspective that I bring to my financial practice. People are more in need than ever before of the type of financial advice and counsel my system provides.

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