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Your Mortgage Is Not An Island

dreamhouse-islandSince 2008, more than 20 million Americans have lost their homes through foreclosure, sold their homes through Short Sales, or negotiated a loan modification to keep their homes. Many of these homeowners received little advice, no advice, or bad advice, as to how to structure their mortgage to give them the best chance at success as a homeowner, and many took out exotic and hybrid mortgages they knew little or nothing about. The truth is the loan officers they worked with didn’t know any more about those types of mortgages they did.

According to a recent Federal Reserve study, the average American is now spending close to 40% of their gross income to service mortgage-related debt. 13.9% of disposable income goes to service consumer-related debt, and the average percentage of income paid in interest alone is 36.7%. A mortgage payment typically represents a family’s largest committed monthly expense and will most definitely affect your monthly cash flow and your ability to fund other financial priorities such as your current lifestyle without incurring unnecessary consumer debt, establishing and maintaining an emergency reserve, saving for college, weddings, automobiles for growing children, saving for retirement, as well as life, health, disability and long-term care insurance to protect your family’s future.

When Banks Compete, You Lose!

Contrary to popular belief, your mortgage is not an island. A mortgage isn’t something you just take off the shelf and put in your basket in the checkout line at Walmart, nor is it something you obtain from a kiosk in the mall, and it shouldn’t be something you obtain from the lowest bidder. There is no “one size fits all” mortgage. A mortgage is not a necessary debt (evil) you take on when you buy your home, but a financial tool that, if structured the right way, will get you to financial security faster. Everybody has different goals and objectives and the mortgage structure you select should enhance your specific goals and objectives.

A mortgage is an integral part of your long term financial plan, even if you don’t currently have one. That is why it is important to consider your mortgage in conjunction with a step-by-step approach to your ultimate financial objectives. A mortgage will affect every other area of your financial life and should be given careful consideration.

We help current and future homeowners alike integrate the mortgage they select into their overall long and short-term financial and investment goals to achieve the goal of home ownership in the most efficient and effective way possible with the objectives of minimizing interest expense, maximizing tax benefits, and improving cash flow.

Enhancing Our Client’s Lifestyles

We help our clients enhance their lifestyle by financing the purchase of:

  • their dream home (primary residence)
  • their vacation home (secondary residence)
  • investment real estate to improve cash flow and tax efficiency

We help our clients improve their cash flow and enhance their lifestyle by refinancing their mortgage to:

  • lower their interest rate
  • lower their monthly payment
  • reduce their mortgage term
  • convert an adjustable interest rate to a fixed interest rate
  • convert a fixed interest rate to an adjustable interest rate
  • eliminate mortgage insurance to reduce monthly payment and improve tax efficiency
  • combine a first and second mortgage to reduce monthly payment
  • consolidate consumer debt to reduce monthly payment
  • remodel or repair their home and make their experience more enjoyable
  • pay for college, weddings, automobiles, etc…

We help our clients improve their cash flow and enjoy their golden years utilizing a reverse mortgage to:

  • trade down to a more manageable dream home without a mortgage payment
  • purchase a retirement dream home without a mortgage payment (primary residence)
  • eliminate their mortgage payment on their current dream home
  • pay off their consumer debt and experience peace of mind
  • create a supplemental income stream and reduce stress around money
  • access a lump sum of money for any purpose with no monthly payment
  • remodel or repair their dream home and make their experience more enjoyable
  • pay for grandkids to go to college and enhance their legacy

The above-referenced statistics and the important role a mortgage plays in your total financial profile are irrefutable evidence of the value of working with a mortgage originator who has a process for explaining what considerations homeowners and aspiring homeowners alike should give their attention to. Anybody can sell you a mortgage. Very few people can help you properly structure a mortgage that puts you in the best financial position. It pays to work with competent and educated professionals who possess a track record of helping their clients make the best choices. We’d like to help you make the best choices for your specific situation.

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