What Makes Your House a Unique Investment?

One of the biggest misconceptions many homeowners have is that their house is the best investment they’ve ever made. Let’s take a closer look. If you purchased a $250,000 house in 1990 and put 100% down (paid $250,000 cash), and sold it in June 2003 for $600,000, you would have realized a $350,000 profit, which is a Read More >

Is Your House a Good Investment?

Have you ever wondered if your house is a good investment? Chances are you have. Let’s face it; you bought a house because you believed it would rise in value over time. Admit it. If you were certain it would fall in value, you wouldn’t have bought it. You would have rented instead. For many Americans, the house has Read More >

Money Isn’t Math and Math Isn’t Money – Average Rate of Return

The financial media and traditional financial advisors have us trained to make decisions based on numbers on a piece of paper. However, in my experience, money isn’t math and math isn’t money. Placing too much importance on numbers and allowing them to dictate our financial decisions is very similar to confusing the Read More >