Is Your House a Good Place to Park Your Wealth? Is it Earning a Return?

Is the wealth in your house (equity) earning a return? To answer that question you must first understand what we mean by return. Let’s define return as the interest or growth you receive on money you invest. Do you know the actual return on the wealth in your house? Many people believe the return on the wealth in their Read More >

The Value of an Employer Matching Contribution

Many employers that offer qualified plans will partially or fully “match” each employee’s contribution to the plan. Not all employers offer a match, but many do, and the match amount and terms can vary widely among employers. A typical match scenario might look like this: Employer will contribute 50% of the employee’s Read More >

Money Isn’t Math and Math Isn’t Money – Average vs Actual Rate of Return

Today I want to share another example of how money isn’t math and math isn’t money by demonstrating the concepts of average rate of return on an investment and the actual rate of return. Assume you have $100,000 and you have two investment options to choose from and both offered an average rate of return of 5.03%. Read More >

Money Isn’t Math and Math Isn’t Money – Average Rate of Return

The financial media and traditional financial advisors have us trained to make decisions based on numbers on a piece of paper. However, in my experience, money isn’t math and math isn’t money. Placing too much importance on numbers and allowing them to dictate our financial decisions is very similar to confusing the Read More >