Who Is More Secure When You Park Your Wealth in the House?

To answer that question it is necessary to point out that there are three methods by which homeowners park their wealth in the house: 1) providing a down payment when they purchase a house, 2) making principal payments on their mortgage, and 3) market appreciation. The first two methods are almost completely under Read More >

Is Your House a Good Place to Park Your Wealth?

The most basic purpose of a house is to provide a place to meet our physical needs for safety and shelter and our social needs of family and community. We believe most people would agree that the house serves each of these purposes quite well. However, many people use the house in a way that it was not intended or Read More >

If The Miracle of Compound Interest is Real, Why Aren’t We All Rich?

Throughout our income earning years a significant amount of money will pass through our respective hands. During that time we will transfer a lot of those hard earned dollars to others, such as the IRS, banks, credit card companies, mortgage companies, etc… Some intentionally and some unintentionally. Some of those Read More >